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Five Mistakes Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Consultants Help You Avoid

Multinational companies worldwide are striving to tread in new territories amidst a highly competitive business environment. In many cases, a wrong decision or inadvertent mistake can ruin their chances of success in overseas markets. In particular, their FDIs are riddled with fundamental questions such as dealing with regulatory challenges and bridging cultural differences. This accentuates the need for FDI consultants who can render good advice and strategize investment opportunities. More importantly, they can help firms avoid the major pitfalls in FDIs.

Premature Rush into Foreign Markets

Companies are generally prompted to explore foreign markets when they have exhausted the opportunities in the domestic market. However, few firms jump the gun and venture into foreign countries without evaluating the pros and cons of that market. In many cases, domestic success leads to overconfidence; firms are sure that they can replicate their success in foreign markets too. Consequently, without the services of a prudent FDI consultant, they often walk into investment traps that have a telling impact on their future growth. What they need is a team of FDI advisors who can formulate clear market-entry planning processes, so that companies can assess whether there is room in the foreign market for their genre of services or products. FDI consultants can conduct a market-fit analysis to know the potential of an FDI.

Failure To Recognize The Importance Of Due Diligence

Lack of preparedness in engaging with regulatory requirements in foreign markets is a major problem. Regulations, including taxation laws, are liable to changes, which could have a direct impact on the success of FDIs. There could also be duplication and multiplicity in regulations that govern a business, which make FDIs even more difficult. Companies need to recognize the best practices in a particular country and make informed decisions about investment opportunities. FDI consultants are aware of these opportunities and recognize the risks. They are in a position to advise firms about situations where an aggressive slant in investments is required, and other situations where a more muted approach could serve the company better. This input is critical because an inaccurate investment response can lead to conflicts with regulatory authorities and severe penalties.

Failure to Recognize Cultural Differences

Conducting business in an alien country could be very trying because each country is different in terms of business culture and way of life. Therefore commercial viability of an FDI depends on the country through which it is routed. An FDI consultant in a particular market understands these nuances and suggests changes to adapt to different markets. Moreover, a consultant can identify the right people to build relationships and develop partnerships. This is critical because the upper echelons of management often fail to recognize the requisites of the market in which they are investing.

Ill-Defined Arbitration Processes

FDIs are plagued by clear regulations about arbitration of disputes in foreign markets. FDI consultants can help them by ensuring that foreign contracts and dealings fall under the arbitration of the home country of the investor. In case the foreign country has a stipulation that disputes must be addressed onshore, an FDI consultant can place mechanisms in place to avoid the inordinate delays associated with such arbitration processes. Bereft of this advice, many deals that could have been closed successfully end up in the rigmarole of long and arduous legal processes. 


Failure to Comply with Taxation Policies

In their drive to maximise net profit, MNCs are often tempted to follow a policy of tax avoidance. However, this often culminates in the authorities stamping down hard on such FDIs.

Conversely, an FDI consultant can help MNCs from refraining in practices that could lead to:

  • Inaccurate pricing structure.
  • Financial transactions like advancing loans from the parent company to the foreign subsidiary at exorbitant interest rates to move profits back to the home country.
  • Hiding real profits by attaching very high values for intangible assetslike goodwill, patents, and royalties.
  • Generating inaccurate invoices to inflate/deflate figures.

Investment disasters can strike anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it is essential for all companies with FDIs to have a strategy in place to take care of all eventualities and ensure smooth business operations. FDI consultants can tailor their services to client-specific requirements and offer unique solutions to alleviate risks associated with FDIs, thus building a resilience that can withstand the vagaries of foreign markets.