Section 195 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 mandates deduction of income-tax from payments made or credit given to non-residents at the rates in force. The person making the remittance to a non-resident needs to furnish an undertaking (in Form 15CA) accompanied by a Chartered Accountants Certificate in Form 15CB. The purpose of the undertaking and the certificate is to collect taxes at the stage when the remittance is made as it may not be possible to recover the tax at a later stage from non-residents.

What is Form 15CA?

Form 15CA is an undertaking by the remitter furnished in an electronic mode at the website of the Tax Information Network ( giving details of the proposed remittance and tax deducted at source in accordance with the provisions of section 195(6) of the Income-tax Act, 1961.
This information should be furnished after obtaining a Certificate in Form 15CB from a Chartered Accountant. The print out of the Form 15CA (furnished online) should be signed by authorized signatory and submitted to the bank prior to remitting the payment along with certificate of a Chartered Accountant in duplicate in Form 15CB.
The fields marked with (*) are mandatory. Select the values from the drop down wherever provided. Each transaction detail should be filled in separately.

Guidelines in filling up form 15CA

The following guidelines may be kept in mind while furnishing Form 15CA

Remitter :

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) allotted by the Income Tax Department should be mentioned. TAN is mandatory in cases where-

– tax has been deducted or will be deducted at source;

– the remitter has obtained an order under section 195(2) of the Income-tax Act from the Assessing Officer.

  • In case an invalid PAN and/or TAN is filled in by the remitter, the Form will not be generated.
  • In case the remitter does not have a TAN, it is mandatory to quote PAN of the remitter.
  • PAN of the remitter should invariably be given. However, the same is mandatory if status of entity is Company or Firm. If PAN is not given in such cases, the remitter will not be allowed to generate the Form.
  • Details in at least two address fields for remitter should be mentioned.
  • Name of the entity should be mentioned in the “Name of remitter” field.
  • No value is to be provided in Area code, AO type, Range code & AO number. The fields will be entered by the system after validating the PAN and/or TAN.
  • Email id and mobile no., if any, should be provided.

Recipient of remittance:

  • Complete address of recipient of remittance, separated by coma, should be provided.
  • PAN, allotted by the Indian Income Tax Department should be mentioned.
  • If status of entity is “company”, then provide type of company i.e., “domestic” or “other than domestic”.
  • In the field “Principal Place of Business”, the country of tax residence of the recipient of the remittance should be mentioned.

Information for accountant :

  • Enter name of the Chartered Accountant in the field “Name of the accountant”.
  • Details in at least two address fields should be mentioned.
  • Date of certificate should not be a future date.
  • Registration no. should be numeric.
  • Details of accountant are not required if point no.15 is selected i.e. any order u/s 195(2)/ 195(3)/ 197 of the Income-tax Act has been obtained from Assessing Officer.
  • Certificate number is an alphanumeric field.

Guidelines for Part B of the Form 15CA (Particulars of remittance and TDS) :

  • Provide the values as per the accountant certificate obtained in Form 15CB.
  • In case name of the country is not available in drop down list, select value “other” from the drop down and provide name of the country.
  • In case currency name is not available in drop down then select value ”other” from the drop down and provide name of the currency.
  • Proposed date of remittance should be current date or a future date.
  • Amount of TDS should be less than amount of remittance.
  • Actual amount of remittance after TDS should be less than amount of remittance.
  • BSR code of the bank through which the remittance is made should be mentioned.
  • Rate of TDS as per DTAA (if applicable) should be mentioned upto two decimal places.
  • Amount should be mentioned upto 2 decimal places.
  • Select any one out of fields 12, 13, 14 and 16. One form is to be filled for one type of remittance.
  • Details of “responsible person” should be mentioned for verification.
  • If no tax has been deducted then value “0.00” should be mentioned in “Amount of TDS” field (foreign currency and Indian Rupees.)
  • Value for “rate of deduction as per the Income-tax Act” should be “0.00” if no tax has been deducted and “amount of TDS in Indian and foreign currency” should be “0.00”.

Generation of Form 15CA :

  • After filling up the information, click “submit”. On submission of details if system shows any errors, rectify and re-submit the form.
  • A confirmation screen with all the data filled by the user will be displayed. The same can be either confirmed or edited.
  • On confirmation, a filled up Form 15CA with an acknowledgement number will be displayed. Print out of the Form should be taken, signed and submitted prior to remitting the payment.
  • Form 15CA can be re-printed by selecting the re-print option. For re-printing, please enter “acknowledgement no.”, “PAN” and/or “TAN” mentioned in the Form.

What is 15CB?

  • The person making the payment (remitter) needs to obtain a certificate from a Chartered Accountant in Form 15CB. The format of Form 15CB has been prescribed by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

Common discrepancies noted while submitting Form 15CA and 15CB to the bank :

These are some of the common errors that could be avoided to ensure proper submission of these forms to the bank prior to making the remittance.

  • Form 15CA and/or 15CB is not provided prior to the proposed remittance.
  • Details stated in Form 15CA/ 15CB do not tally with each other or with the details in the A2 form and/or supporting documents.
  • Form 15CB is unsigned/ un-stamped : Form 15CB has to be signed and stamped by the Chartered Accountant clearly mentioning the registration number and certificate number.
  • Unsigned 15CA : The print out of the undertaking Form (i.e. Form 15CA) should be physically signed by the remitter.

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  • Jeevitha

    how can i take printout without acknowlegement number

    • Gopalbhaskhar

      how can i take printout without acknowlegement number

    • CA.Prateek Agrawal

      Print Out cannot be taken without acknowledgement number

  • Pipariyasejal 1991

    is more than one date of deduction of tax at source is to be filled in 15ca?…

  • Suchethan Shetty

    if we didn’t submitted the Form 15CA & form 15CB after remitting to the party with Form A2 to the bank.
    please suggest

    • sahoo

      DEAR SIR

  • Samalsashi

    we have already created the 15CA form on line our acknowledgement no comes and already printed the form but seen that there is no sufficient fund in our account to remitt the foreign commission then Can we cancel the 15CA already created on not if cancel this and generate the new one, is there any IT Department problem ? please advise

    • Anonymous

      No there is no problem if you create a new form 15CA online against a
      Form 15CB issued by chartered accountant. Only 15CA given to bank for
      remittance will be considered and valid.

  • Aatish Mahante


    • Incometaxindai

       yas 15 cb e-catalogue as t.d.s.

  • Kmssahoo10

    Is submission of of 15CB & 15Ca applicable to all payments made to non-residents including imports?

    • Anonymous

      In my opinion Form 15CA and Form 15CB is not applicable in case of import of goods.

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  • Nitesh Bohra

    We are paying Interest to Citi Bank Bahamas through Citi Bank Mumbai.
    So, whoes PANo. should be quoted in 15CB, of Bahamas or Mumbai.

    • Prateek Agrawal

      No PAN is quoted on Form 15CB. PAN is only quoted on Form 15CA

  • Taufique Alam

    i have been receiving lot of queries from my clients stating that 15 CA and CB is not applicable in case of remittance for Imports as it not the payment of income. Please clarify the same.

  • Taufique Alam

    whether filing of 15 CA and 15 CB is applicable for remittance pertaining to Hospitalalisation expenses, Education fee, remittance for maintenance of close elative etc

  • Taufique

    I am a salaried person under NEW Pension Scheme. I am contributing 10% of BASIC and DA to my NPS fund and the matching amount is contributed by my employer.Whether contribution by employer to NPS wil be part of my salary or not. If the same is part of my salary whether i ll get advantage of saving under 80C

  • Deepika

    how much time is required to file form 15CA after form 15CB, if there is any time limit to file 15CA after 15CB

    • Anonymous

      Form 15CA is required at the time of remittance. Bank will not remit money outside India without having Form 15CA and Form 15CA can not be genrated without getting Form 15CB duly signed by CA.

    • taufique alam

      15 CA and 15 CB has to be filled before making remittance to non-residents

    • taufique alam

      15 CA and 15 CB has to be filled before making remittance to non-residents

  • Anand Shetiya

    if i want to change the form 15CA which has already generated acknowledgement no

  • Jitendra

    Dear Sir,

    I am residing in UAE since August, 1978. I am holding a
    portfolio of some 40 companies and the shares were acquired out of public
    issues, right issues and bonus issues. I am maintaining a trading account with
    Reliance Securities and PIS account with Axis Bank, Ahmedabad.


    Out of my portfolio, I have sold shares of Dabur India
    Ltd – 1000 and Weizmann Forex Ltd – 466. On settlement date Reliance Securities
    held the funds  and request me to provide
    the below mentioned details:-

    1] date of purchase and
    2] rate of which they were bought.


    have provided the complete details of the above. However, after two
    days, I have received another e-mail form the company and requested me to submit
    15CA & 15BC form duly completed. 


    I have following questions on the above issue


    I wonder why Reliance Securities want the
    referred certificates as the shares were purchased out of NRE quotas and
    purchase was took place between 1985 to 1987.

    Of the above referred two forms, 15CA should be
    prepared by whom? I know the 15CB has to be made by Chartered Accuontant.

    To avoid high fee of Chartered Accuontant, If, I
    open an NRO Trading account and do the trading from their, still  will I have to submit the said forms for
    other companies to Reliance Securities?

    Is there any way out without submitting the
    captioned to certificates?


    Grateful, if you could guide me on the above matter.


    Thank you in advance for your guidance.


    Kind regards

    Jitendra Thank

    • Anonymous

      No, there is no way to repatriate money without form 15CA/15CB. Form 15CA shall be filed online that you can do yourself or chartered accountant can do on your behalf. You can reach me at +91-9811840707

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  • M F Hakak

    I have got deposited pesionary benefits in  my bank account in India ie leave salary, graduity, commutation after my retirement from government service. Please guide as to;
    1) does this amount require income tax clearance, 2) does proof statement of deposits made by the employer ( Govt. Deptt)  and concerned treasury still need a certificate from chartard accountant 
    3) is pensionary benefits taxable 4) what proceedure I have to follow to wire transfer of this money in my bank account in Canada…..please answer


  • niteshv

    for issue foreign DD ,Pl. confirm form-15CA & CB require?

  • Incometaxindai


  • Viplav936

    if commission for foreign currency is declared in GR, so for payment of this 15CA and 15CB required or not

  • Jayesh

    Dear Sir,

    A friend (Indian, residing in USA since 1999) in USA is in need of money urgently. a) Can I loan him the money  from India ? b) Do I need to submit Form 15CB and Form 15CA ? There is not going to be any TDS as this is not payment against anything. It is merely a loan to a friend. c) In future, can his father/brother in India pay me back in INR or the loan has to be repaid by the friend in USD only ?



  • Shalendratyagi

    if we got  15 cb and fill up 15 ca but we did not remit the money…… what will happen.. is there any validty time for such forms or certificates

  • Pavithra.J


    If the foreign payment is made through credit card do i need to get 15CB

    • mukeshraj

      Yes, mode of payment is immaterial for tax deduction or form 15CA/15CB.


      • Pavithra.J


        Then in 15cb certificate how to mention details like BSR Code if payment is make through credit card… Plz reply me

      • Pavithra.J

        What will be the impact if i don’t get 15CB certificate for the foreign remittance made through credit card….

        • mukeshraj

          You have to deduct tax as suggested in Form 15CB but you need not to fill form 15CA as payment is being made through credit card.

      • Jayesh shah

        mukeshbhai, pl guide in case of Payment through Credit card  how 15CA can be uploaded? without  BSR code 15CA will not be generated. In such cases how to file 15CA? 

        • mukeshraj

          In case of payment through credit card there is no need of form 15CA, you just pay the tax due at the time of payment through credit card.

  • piyush parekh

    I want to file 15CA online for back date like october 2011…. but the date of remittance of back-date doesn’t accepting in form… Pls inform me how to file that form?? 

    • mukeshraj

      Form 15CA has to furnish before remittance so technically the date of remittance should be current of future date, not a past date. So there is no use of Form 15CA for Oct 2011 if you already sent the remittance.

      Mukesh Goel


    what are the consequences if export proceeds have not been recieved with in specified period by RBI

  • Amolfegde

    Please let me know whether:
    1. Is it compulsory for an assessee who accounts are not audited u/s 44AB to deduct taxes on foreign remittances?
    2.  Tax Deduction Account No. i.e TAN is compulsory in case of non-tax audit of a  proprietor?3. If the above is not applicable, then can Form 15CA be issued only by quoting PAN of the remitter who is an Indian?

  • Arti

    We are going to make repayment of buyer credit with interest to bank in abroad. Is there any liability of deduction of Tax at Source? if yes then what is the procedure we have to follow?

    • mukeshraj

      Yes, TDS is required on payment of interest to non resident. Regarding rate and other formalities please contact us directly.

  • blesson

    I want to transfer funds from my NRO a/c to NRE account and the bank is deducting tax on interests provided. then who is the remitter as per 15CA and whose TAN to give. Whether banks pan and TAN sufficient.

  • Lambaprem


  • S Roy

    My company is based in Canada.  We have to receive fees from an Indian company in Mumbai. They say there will be a TDS of 20%, is that correct.

    • CA Prateek Agrawal

      What is the nature of payment??

  • Sukumar

    I want to cancel my NRO deposit and instead place the amount as a NRE deposit. From my quarterly interest the bank regularly deducts TDS. I can prove that source of fund is from overseas. What documents are required.

  • prashant arora

    Since when is this form applicable.



    • mukeshraj

      Form 15CA and 15CB has to file at the time of remittance not after that. So if your banker has not asked the form 15CA and 15CB then you need not to file it but if any TDS liability is there then you have to pay the tax immediately along with necessary interest.


    I have uplodade 15ca for remittance later we found some mistake in filing the form 15CA How do we cancel this and upload fresh form 15CA

    • mukeshraj

      There is no need to cancel or rectify the form 15CA, you just upload a new form and take a print and hand over to Bank.
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    how will get conformation letter my mail to 15 ca form is canceled

    • mukeshraj

      There is no confirmation letter is required. Basically this form 15CA is a data bank for the Income Tax deptt and only those form 15CA which finally handover to bank and remittance take place, are forwarded to the Income tax which cross checked by the ref no. which generated on the right corner of the online form 15CA. So only those form 15CA recorded by the Income tax against which actual remittance made.

  • Bhavya

    We had made a remittance to france on 30th October and submitted all the required documents. The payment was made successfully.. Now, after a month the bank people are asking us to send us the copy of 15CA as they have lost their copy.
    Unfortunately I have not taken a copy of the same and now my query is how to retreive the 15ca form that was filed on 30th oct? I dont know the acknowledge no

  • Balaji

    form 15 CA what is time limit submit to bank for remmittance

    • Mukesh Goel

      It should be submitted at the time of remittance so practically all the doc for remittance send simultaneously.

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  • Priyanka Rajan

    hi, our company is making Remittance to the foreign company for meeting the Branch expenses, Please guide whether it is mandatory to prepare Form 15 CB in case of Branch Expenses

    • Mukesh Goel

      Yes, it is mandatory to prepare form 15CA/15CB for all remittances even it is a payment of brnach expenses. Form 15CA/CB is just to check the tax liability on the remittance irrespective of the purpose.

      Mukesh Goel

  • ramchandra v

    pl let me know in all remittances 15ca/cb is required. One of our client has imported machine from foreign Company one situated in USA and another in Korea. Please clarify in the instant case whether the remittance is required to be furnished 15CA and CB form as per the provisions. My understanding is this is a trade transaction and for such transaction this compliance is not required.

    • Mukesh Goel

      Yes, you are right that this a trade transaction and no tax is required to pay in India in this case but this confirmation should be in the form of Form 15CA/CB. So form 15CA/CB should be issue in this case.

  • shankar1

    I have a 15CB done and there is not enough money at this time so I want to do several smaller amounts of the 15CA over a periood of time. Can I use the same 15CB over the next 2 months with separate smaller amounts in 15CA?

    • Mukesh Goel

      No, Form 15CA / CB is required for every remittance. So you have to prepare new 15CA for every remittance.
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      • shankar1

        Thank you. I would do a new 15CA for each smaller amount and use the main certification form 15CB as a common one until the total amount listed in 15CB is exhausted. Would this work?

  • Tarun Masani

    what can be the solution if we dont have phone number of recepient of remittence , as this field is mandatory..Tarun Masani

  • Darshil

    if we have forgotten to note the acknowledgement no and also forgot to save the form then how can be get the form??

    • Mukesh Goel

      You have to resubmit the form. You can fill form 15A any number of time against a form 15B.
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  • veena

    dear sir,
    there is problem of filling in certificate no.

  • Karan

    thk’s sir ji

  • Indira kumar

    Dear Sir, when we are making payment to foreign consultant or company , we are deducting TDs (u/s 195 – 20%) but we didn’t having Pan -no of foreign company, so how could we generate or download the Form16A to foeign consultant. please kindly help us

  • keshav

    what will happen if authorised dealer fails to submit details of 15ca & 15cb to rbi or assessing officer

  • Aastha

    Sir, We have submitted Form 15CB and the client has deducted the tax accordingly. However, we got to know later that the tax had to be deducted at a higher rate. What will be the implication?