How to Check Income Tax Refund Status

Step 1: Login to E-filing website to check if your return for AY 2009-10 has been processed

Step 2: Go to “My Account” -> select “E-Filing Processing Status”

Step 3: Enter Assessment Year -> 2009-10 and click on ‘Submit’

Step 4: View Processing Status for your return (see highlighted box below). In case of Refund, go to Step 5 to check Refund status. In case or No Demand No refund or Demand, await Intimation from CPC Bangalore

Step 5: To view Refund Status go to Tax Information Network (TIN) Website : and enter PAN and Assessment Year and click ‘Submit’

Step 6: View refund Status. In case status is ‘dispatched by speed post’ -> track speed post by clicking on the hyperlinked Speed Post Ref. no: starting with “EY…”. In case ‘Mode of Payment’ is ‘ECS’ then check your Bank Account for Direct Deposit.

Step 7: Or go to Enter the ‘Speed Post Ref. no’ in ‘Article Number’ and ‘Date’ in ‘Date of booking’ and click on ‘Track’

Step 8: View Status of Speed Post delivery -> click on ‘Movement’ to view tracking of article (see highlighted box below).

Step 9: Refund may be verified for correctness and in case of any error, the same may be brought to the notice of CPC, Bangalore. Intimation sheet will be directly mailed by Speed Post from CPC Bangalore.

  • It is a good step by Income Tax Department. Now anyone can see the status of his tax refund.

  • Raja

    Lots of cases are coming where “No demand No refund” order is being made by CPC in spite of the fact that heavy refund is due, properly claimed and also visible in AS26.

    Why such defective orders are being made.


    • Anonymous

      In that case definitely there will be a difference in the income
      assessed and income filed by you or some deduction was not allowed like
      interest on house property was not given in the income assessed. You
      have to file a rectification application or appeal against such order.

  • Dshirvaikar

    Please note that this status is only for those who have e-filed their IT returns. For manual filers, there is  no such facility yet.

  • You can also check your income tax refund status from here