Budget-2010- Direct Tax Proposals


  • The Centralized Processing Centre at Bengaluru is now fully functional and is processing around 20,000 returns daily. Two more Centres will also be established during the year.
  • The Income Tax department has introduced “Sevottam”, a pilot project at Pune, Kochi and Chandigarh through Aayakar Seva Kendras, which provide a single window system for registration of all applications including those for redressal of grievances as well as paper returns.
  • The income tax department to notify SARAL-II form for individual salaried taxpayers for the coming assessment year.
  • Scope of cases which may be admitted by the Settlement Commission expanded to include proceedings related to search and seizure cases pending for assessment.
  • Scope of Settlement Commission also expanded in respect of Central Excise and Customs to include certain categories of cases that hitherto fell outside its jurisdiction.
  • Bi-lateral discussions commenced to enhance the exchange of bank related and other information to effectively track tax evasion and identify undisclosed assets of resident Indians lying abroad.

Direct Taxes

•  Income tax slabs for individual taxpayers to be as follows :

Income upto Rs 1.6 lakh NIL
Income above Rs 1.6 lakh and upto 10 per cent
Rs. 5 lakh
Income above Rs.5 lakh and upto Rs. 20 per cent
8 lakh
Income above Rs. 8 lakh 30 per cent

•  Taxability on Taxable income of Rs. 10 Lakhs :

MALE 210,120.00 158,620.00 51,500.00
FEMALE 207,030.00 155,530.00 51,500.00
CITIZEN 201,880.00 150,380.00 51,500.00
  • Deduction of an additional amount of Rs. 20,000 allowed, over and above the existing limit of Rs.1 lakh on tax savings, for investment in long-term infrastructure bonds as notified by the Central Government.
  • Besides contributions to health insurance schemes which is currently allowed as a deduction under the Income-tax Act, contributions to the Central Government Health Scheme also allowed as a deduction under the same provision.
  • Current surcharge of 10 per cent on domestic companies reduced to 7.5 per cent.
  • Rate of Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) increased from the current rate of 15 per cent to 18 per cent of book profits.
  • Weighted deduction on expenditure incurred on in-house R&D enhanced from 150 per cent to 200 percent. Weighted deduction on payments made to National Laboratories, research associations, colleges, universities and other institutions, for scientific research enhanced from 125 per cent to 175 per cent.
  • Payment made to an approved association engaged in research in social sciences or statistical research to be allowed as a weighted deduction of 125 per cent. The income of such approved research association shall be exempt from tax.
  • Benefit of investment linked deduction under the Act extended to new hotels of two-star category.
  • Allow pending projects to be completed within a period of five years instead of four years for claiming a deduction of their profits, as a one time interim relief to the housing and real estate sector.
  • Limits for turnover over which accounts need to be audited enhanced to Rs. 60 lakh for businesses and to Rs. 15 lakh for professions.
  • Limit of turnover for the purpose of presumptive taxation of small businesses enhanced to Rs. 60 lakh.
  • If tax has been deducted on payment by way of any expense and is paid before the due date of filing the return, such expenditure to be allowed for deduction.
  • Interest charged on tax deducted but not deposited by the specified date to be increased from 12 per cent to 18 per cent per annum.
  • Increase in threshold limit for tax deduction at source :
Section Nature of Payment Existing Revised Applicability
threshold limit of threshold
Payment limit of
(Rupees) Payment
194B Winnings from lottery 5,000 10,000 Ist July,
or crossword puzzle 2010
194BB Winnings from horse 2,500 5,000 Ist July,
race 2010
194C Payment to 20,000* 30,000* Ist July,
contractors 2010
50,000** 75,000** Ist July,
194D Insurance 5,000 20,000 Ist July,
commission 2010
194H Commission or 2,500 5,000 Ist July,
Brokerage 2010
194-I Rent 1,20,000 1,80,000 Ist July,
194J Fees for professional 20,000 30,000 Ist July,
or technical services 2010
  • No Capital gain transfer of assets as a result of conversion of small companies into Limited Liability Partnerships.
  • The advancement of any other object of general public utility” to be considered as “charitable purpose” even if it involves carrying on of any activity in the nature of trade, commerce or business provided that the receipts from such activities do not exceed Rs.10 lakh in the year .
  • Proposals on direct taxes estimated to result in a revenue loss of Rs. 26,000 crore for the year.