Documents Required for Service Tax Registration

To get the Service tax Registration followings documents are required:

For Local/Single Registration

  1. Copy of PAN Card of the assessee.
  2. Proof of address of the premises to be registered. Copy of Telephone bill/Electricity bill/Rent agreement in the name of the company/firm/partner/proprietor
  3. Partnership deed (In case of Partnership Firm)
  4. Copy of Memorendum of Association. (In case of Private Limited and Limited company only)

For Centralized Registration 

For Centralize registration in addition to the above documents, the proof of address in respect of each of the premises/branch for which centralized registration sought for.

  • Dear Mr. Mukesh,

    Thank you for all the information on your website. I want to start a proprietorship concern which was earlier operating as a freelancing thing. To create a current account, I need to have either shop license or service tax registration in the name of my business. As I work from home, I can’t get a shop license, and regarding service tax registration, I have nothing in the name of my business. Can you please let me know what information can be submitted as proof documents to register for service tax.

    Do you have any agents in Thane, Mumbai who can do this. And can you please let me know the charges to register service tax and any agent charges.
    Hoping for a reply or comment soon.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Roots Cooling Systems Pvt Ltd.

    How to find out my Service Tax Registration Certificate if we have missed out service tax registration certificate copy? Have any web site address to get this certificate on line.

    • No, You can’t download service tax registration certificate from any web site. You can apply for duplicate certificate to your service tax officer.


    hello mukesh,

    am very much happy by seeing the postings and replies in this also need simple help and guidelines form ur side…let me say case by case

    am running an intl trading company for scrap and minerals.commission agent but direct with is developing,until now i dont have any licence am taking my commission in NRE or SB account of mine..i need the following help form ur side

    1.i need to register my company as Sole propretiorship only(cant go for pvt ,becos i dont have no partner and dont need of any office person,all doing is my knwoledge and my contact based business)
    2.wch type of tax is applicable for me? i am from a village area,am working frm my home only,i went to our gramapanachayath office for some registration they said thr is no proper registration for the same,thn i went to CENTRAL GOVT,district industrial centre,they have some provisional and permamanent licence…pls advice wch one is need for getting a licence and opening a current account to make my all finace transaction in proper way am working from home,is it possible to get licence for my company name and adddress with my home

    pls advice


  • Ashutosh kumar pandey

    documents necessary to own a propritership firm.

    plz let me know

  • ramesh kandra

    thank u for giving information about centralize licence

  • Rajendra

    iwant to apply for a service tax how much time it will take & guide me for paper requirment

  • Sadashiv Patra

    Can Partnership Deed is used as Address proof while registering the firm. If Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill or Rent agreement is not in the name of Partnership firm an the telephone bill and electricity bill available are in the name of the wife of one partner. Then what can be done for the address proof please advise us.

  • anand

    Hello mukesh,
    Nice to see such a useful resourceful wbsite like urs for entrepreneurs like us. I hv the following question:
    I’m running a manpower consultancy as proprietorship.I nd to hv S.Tax registration but my CA asked for a copy of current a/c passbook. Now is it necessary to hv a current a/c to run a business.? I’m already runnig this concern with just a single saving a/c which i use for return filig. Wat do u suggest?
    Anand, Ranchi

  • Harveer S Tomar

    i have already register our firm as a partnership concern and i want to register the logo nd web site and what is the procedure to obtain such certificate of registration and is there any require of registration of service tax?

  • hari om pandey

    i want to know that what tuypes of registration required for a firm and itself reguistartion

  • Sushma

    hello sir.
    i have registered to service tax under proprietor in my name now i would like to know whether i need to register my company name . since one of our x-employee has registered my company name to his is there any way out for me?

  • khem

    in which service i will have to registered in service tax if i do job work .? plz reply

  • Thank you Mukesh! This is the reason I love blogs!!!!! information from the people who have been there,done it!


    documents required for service tax registration by individual.

  • pawan kr.