Procedure for Incorporation of a Private Limited Company in India

  1. Apply for DIN (Director Identification Number) if the directors of
    the proposed company do not have this number earlier. Every director has
    one unique DIN for all companies.

    Documents Required for approval of DIN:

    • Identity proof
    • Address proof
    • One passport size photo of each of the proposed

    Apply for the DIN here

  2. Apply for Digital Signature (Class 2), if none of the proposed director
    already have it.

    Documents Required: Identity and address proof of the proposed

  3. Apply for the availability of the name in Form 1A (Suggest 3-4 names for the new company)
  4. Draft a memorandum and article of association for the new company
  5. Get stamping for State Duty
  6. File the documents for Company Registration (Form 1, Form 18, Form 32, Power of attorney)
  7. Get the Registration Certificate

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