I have forgot to deposit the form ITR-V

As per circular of the CBDT you can file verification form ITR-V (pdf) within 30 days of uploading the electronic data then date of uploading the data will be treated as date of filing of income tax return.  But if you are not able to file ITR-V within 30 days then you have to reupload the return and new ITR-V has to be filed. Suppose you have uploaded the data electronically on 31st July and you file the ITR-V on 30th Aug then date of filing of income tax return will be 31st July but if you are not able to submit ITR V on or before 30th August retun will be treat as “never filed”. All assessee has to sumit their ITR-V at central location at :

Income Tax Department ,

CPC, Post Bag No – 1,

Electronic City Post Office,

Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka

  • ankit kumar


    I want to more about it ……..
    If their is tax aduit case then fine is applicable in case of late submitte of E-flie copy after 15 days?????????

  • If you file the ITR-V after 15 days then date of filing of return will treated the date of deposition of ITR-V not the date filing of audit report.

  • Satheesh Babu S

    Instead of going directly and submitting ITR-V form, can i fax or mail to income tax department?

    Satheesh Babu S

  • VRK

    I forgot to file my taxes for the financial year 2007-2008. When I finally remembered, I got the Form 16 and found out that I don’t have to pay any taxes, but I need to get a substantial refund from the IT Dept since my company deducted TDS. I tried to file ITR1 in the website but the last date was 30-03-2009. How do I proceed to file my taxes for that year? Will I have to pay any penalties? Will I get the refund? Since I have to get refund, I’m guessing I don’t have to pay any interest or penalties for late filing. Is that right?